Many Lives Many Masters – How Past Lives Relate To Soulmates or Twin Flames

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Many Lives Many Masters – How Past Lives Relate To Soulmates


What an exceptional good book!
Many Lives  Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss.
This is a true story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, his young patient and the past life therapy that changed both their lives.

Catherine came in as a twenty- seven years old woman to Dr Brian Weiss office. She was seeking help for her anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. Although these symptoms had been with her since childhood, in the recent past they had become much worse. Every day she found herself more emotionally paralyzed and less able to function. She was terrified and understandably depressed.

This is the story you could make a good movie on.
The book was handed out by my dear man from Montana, Bozeman.
Michael talked about this book from day one we met.-You have to read it! So recently I visited him and borrowed the book.

From page one it blows your mind away.
It ´s beautiful written, with honesty and sincerity.
How amazing it is to find out, once again that we don’t know how, what the human brain contains. The limits we seem to have in terms of perspective regarding past lives and the Masters.

The story tells about the struggling Catherine goes through in her present life. With no understanding of what is going on inside of her. With her painful memories about the hard living in the previous lives. How and when she died. Over and over again can we read about Catherine leaves this life. She is floating away and meets the light.
When she is gone, so to speak another voice takes place in her body.
That’s when we are introduced to the Masters.
Fascinating information’s revealed to us about the passing in to the next levels.
Here is when we understand that this explicit information only reveals to Brian Weiss. Catherine does not remember these times.
The further in the book we get to the understanding that the Masters wants Dr Brian to collect information, store it and finally public it.
It is so important to come out to the public. The knowledge of what happens when we die. Is it forever or do we come back?
When do we come back? Who makes the choices? Which level do I start in and in which do I come back to to meet your soul mate or twin flame signs?

So many questions starts in our heads after reading this incredible story. I love to recommend it to you.
If you just wants to dream away or wants challenges in your own thinking. Be my guest! Have a good time, enjoy the book.
See you either in this life or somewhere else!


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