Twin Flame Consciousness and 11:11 Meaning

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Twin Flame Consciousness and 11:11 Meaning


There is a reason why we see 11:11 as time prompts and twin flame signs everywhere in life around the same time we first make contact with our twin flame in this lifetime. Even if we don’t fully understand in the conscious forefront of our mind that we have met our twin flame the sign will be there alerting us and trying to awaken us to it.


As a person grows in spirit realizing there are spiritual gifts they have and increasing understanding the person goes through learning to become aware of all the 12 dimensions of consciousness.

Many of us do this without really knowing what’s going on. First we get schooled the basic levels of the things we can see and experience with our five senses. The first one is in the Earth the level of atoms, molecules and small single celled organisms. The second is the level of plant life and multicelled organisms. The third dimension of consciousness is knowing the animal level of which our physical bodies are a part of. These about sum up what we are told about in general schooling. After that we begin to realize there’s more to us and explore the 4th dimension of thought and emotion. Psychology may begin to interest us. As a person goes on they begin to notice there’s a spiritual side of us too. We usually don’t go through noticing each dimension in succession but can jump around. These parts of us are not easy to differentiate because they are not seen by the eyes all the time or felt by the skin as easily yet we exist in these realms and form as well. The spiritual seeker becomes aware they have always been operating in the 5th through 9th dimensions of spiritual realms while learning about things such as those on this site. The psychic, multilayer things of life.

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Then sometimes we see the time prompt 10;10 this is a signal we have become aware of ourselves in the 10th dimension of consciousness.

This signals something we have asked for is about to be revealed. Many I know see this when they are asking God to reveal their true love and interested in twin flames and how to meet soul mate. We Know there is someone out there who we have sensed and felt through our life here.

twin flame consciousness 1111


Then when one meets them they instantly see 11:11 even if they do not fully understand that they have met the one since the energy of a twin flame is both profound and unlike any other but so natural feeling it’s significance can escape our conscious mind as nothing more than “meant to be that way.”

It might take a while to realize how different and significant that one person is and why, even though the soul knows it on all deeper levels instantly. The reason 11:11 is for twin flames is this is the dimension of consciousness where we were split into male and female parts as a single soul when God created us. The 12th dimension of consciousness is us alongside the God head. we see things from the total point of view of oneness and see everything as if we were looking down from the highest place. Once a person realizes their connection to their twin flame on the inside they will be able to experience this dimension of consciousness. This is far above all polarity and all separation.


The 12th dimension is where we are a single soul and the 11th is where that single soul was split into two polarities at the very basic level of pure energy (not the physical body which is anchored to the third dimension).

One is male with a small piece of the female inside it and one female with a small piece of the male inside. This is depicted perfectly in the Yin yang symbol. The star of david or merkaba star also depicts this as one triangle pointing up and one down. In Christian symbolism it is the cross with the circle around it much like the Egyptian Ankh. It may be clicking in the mind of the reader that these things symbolize eternal life. (wink) The twin flame soul mate is able to feel things the other is going through, feel their emotions and sometimes know their thoughts because they share the same larger soul. They can feel them inside their own chest where that little dot in the yin yang resides.


It’s no coincidence that we were said in the Bible and many other creation texts “created in the image of God both male and female.”  at the highest basic basic level we are indeed that. We are Gods as Jesus stated , “don’t you know the scriptures. I have said you are Gods.”

On to more about 11:11 this dimension of consciousness is all about noticing your mirror image. your twin flame is the exact mirror of you inside hence the way the number itself mirrors. You may begin to see mirroring things in your life in this dimension too.

it’s common to also see 12:12 11:22 12:21 and other mirrored numbers once we start to understand our mirror image, our truest love. Though healing will almost undoubtedly have to happen for all of us on many lower dimensional levels before we can be united permanently with our twin flame, it is still known and seen as we operate on all these levels.

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